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Build the Swing of a Lifetime by Mike Bender

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In four simple steps illustrated by 150 photographs, Mike shows you how to aim and turn properly, get your hands on the correct downswing plane, and match up your arm swing and body rotation to square the clubface more consistently. He provides clear and simple guidance on how to make sure you're practicing each step correctly. Using broken club shafts, construction cones, and other forms of feedback, you'll discover how to check your alignment, posture and make sure that your shaft and hands are moving on-plane, in good sequence with one another.

Most golf instruction is based on helping students emulate the best players, but, as Mike Bender puts it, would you rather fly in an airplane that was built by engineers who understood the principles of lift and acceleration, or would you rather fly in one built by people who simply went out to the airport and watched them taking off and landing?

Bender, the 2009 PGA National Teacher of the Year, believes that physics provides a better model for developing a swing that is as efficient, consistent, and timeless as that of Iron Byron, the mechanical robot developed by the USGA to test clubs and balls. Having coached two dozen Tour professionals, including 2007 Masters and 2015 British Open champ Zach Johnson, Bender shows you how to put the secrets of science into your own swing with a simple, proven program that will take your play to a different level and transform your approach to the game. Once you develop a scientific swing, it's your own game that will really soar.

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