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Consistent Rhythm is the key to consistent scoring. Teach yourself better tempo. Set the beat count anywhere from 0-180 beats per minute. The Golf Metronome also features 2 volume settings & a clip to place it on your collar or hat. One of the qualities that separates the great players is rhythm. Maintaining consistency with each club is the key to preventing accuracy problems associated with variations in tempo and the cadence of your swing. You can improve your timing by using the Golf Metronome & teach yourself this consistency.

Instructions:  The Golf Metronome generates audible beats. Attach it to your cap or shirt collar. Set the number of bpm comfortable for you. Adjust the volume so only you hear the beats, then swing. You will be able to judge the tempo of your swing simply listening for the beat upon impact. Before long, a smooth accurate consistent swing will become instinctive, & your game will dramatically improve.

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