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Striker 3000 Compression Board

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The Compression Board exists to promote crisp, clean contact. It provides accurate, reliable feedback so you can create great impact conditions over and over again. Did you know: the deepest point of a PGA Tour level divot is 4 inches beyond where the ball once sat (right before it was compressed tremendously!!)? That's our goal - not the 4 inches - the COMPRESSION!! (side note: the two are intimately related).

When you first start out with your Compression Board you’ll likely hit it quite often (don’t worry, it won’t break). If you’re not hitting it (and you’re hitting more than the top 1/2 of the ball), perhaps you should move up a level. If you are, great! Use that feedback (how hard? where? on what path? etc.) to guide your improvement. The Compression Board is designed to help improve your contact regardless of your current level of ability.

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