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Swing Extender

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The Swing Extender is a key training aid for developing width in the golf swing. By not letting the right arm bend too much, the width of the backswing is maintained thus creating a wider arch and more distance for the golfer.

The instant you strap it on your arm & take a swing, you'll hit the golf ball longer, straighter & with more control. That's because the Swing Extender creates the proper extension of your arms during the backswing by preventing the arms from overfolding & then promotes the correct release of the arms & hands during the downswing. This 90 degree "power angle" formed at the top of your backswing allows you to create a wider swing arc by keeping your left arm straight (right arm for left-handers).

The Swing Extender prohibits collapsing of the arms while encouraging a better shoulder turn. It's the hardest move to master & feels completely unnatural to most amateurs, but once it's learned, the rewards are most satisfying. Increased distance, accuracy & lower scores are a direct result of the maximum clubhead acceleration you create with your wider arc & fully extended arms.

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