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TacTic Wrist Aid

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Chipping and Putting: One of the biggest faults in both chipping and putting is the breakdown of the wrists through the stroke. By wearing the TacTic Wrist Aid, you get instant feedback on whether this is happening in your stroke or not.

With the putting stroke, again it is vitally important to not allow the wrist to break down through the stroke as this will cause the putter blade to move off line. The TacTic Wrist Aid will help you prevent this. If it is, work with this aid until you can chip and putt without it clicking for a more consistent chipping and putting stroke, allowing you to keep the leading wrist firm throughout the stroke.

At the top of the backswing it is very difficult to see whether your wrist is "square" or "flat" in order to keep a square clubface throughout your swing. The TacTic Wrist Aid will provide you with immediate feedback if you are cupping your wrist at the top of your swing, letting you know that your clubface is open.

With help from the TacTic Wrist Aid, you will be able to square the clubface at impact more often.

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