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Total Golf Trainer V2 (TGT)

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The Total Golf Trainer V2 (TGT V2) has been developed by Michael Gish, a certified Jim McLean “Master Instructor” and Dale Dawson, a serial inventor and founder of DaVinci Sports. This device will revolutionize the training device market by delivering 12 basic settings(shapes) that will teach every shot in golf including: chipping, pitch shots,partial shots, full swing. The TGT V2 is currently the only “all-in-one” training device that can be used by a junior golfer to an adult, right- and left-handed golfers and complete beginners to a tour professional.

GETTING STARTED TGT V2 How To from Total Golf Trainer on Vimeo.

If you ever thought of buying a training aid but were not sure if it would be good for you, The TGT V2 has solved your problem. This “all-in-one” training aid gives you multiple training aids in one simple and easy to use device. It is very compact and will fit in any golf bag.

The TGT V2 simply attaches to any grip and can be used with any golf club. Another unique feature is the device will work on the golfer's lead- or trail-side of their golf swing so you can train both the left or right arm and hand. The TGT V2 allows the golfer to choose the correct shapes and settings to solve their own unique swing problems.

Golf instructors can use the TGT V2 to teach multiple golf swing fundamentals with simple shapes and settings too. This device can be used to teach any type of golf system or method. The TGT V2 has been designed to assist in “Procedural Learning” which enables the student to learn in an efficient and effective manner. This will prevent over-teaching or using too many words to describe a correct swing fundamental.

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